New home page (made with wiko)

November 25, 2007

This is a quick post (or should I say nanoblog?) to share my new home page. It’s at (I did a big update on Des 2nd). After using so many web2.0-social networks I felt the need to have a boring, simple and static home page written in html. Actually, I happily failed at writing directly in html just because I had wiko at hand.

Wiko stands for wiki compiler, and is the project name we gave to some python scripts David and me have been lately developing for personal use. It basically convert wiki text files to html, LaTeX and blogs; as is easy to imagine it combines very well with your favorite version control system to create an actual wiki (it’s collaborative but only through committing to the version control system). Visit the wiko home page to learn more. And maybe use it.


2 Responses to “New home page (made with wiko)”

  1. Your webpage is a very good summary of your activities. great!

    Wiko looks like very interesting.

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