Pingbacking about Ubuntu

December 22, 2006

I have to confess I’m new to blogs and I’m learning some of its very common features. An interesting one is the pingback or traceback protocol. The new thing for me was to learn that a normal link to another blog entry is all you have to do to get linked back. For example, yesterday I read in ubuntu planet a blog entry asking for people blogging about ubuntu (and here am I).

Since I’ve placed a link to that entry in the previous paragraph it will automatically appear as a comment there (that’s what I expect, at least). For that to happen, both blogs have to be pingback enabled. I’ve just learnt that pingback is basically the same as traceback but less spam prone. I guess it requires a hand-shaking between both blog systems before publishing any comment.

I’m also happy to see that wordpress creates an independent feed for every category. For example:

This comes very handy when you participate in a planet and do not want to export all the posts: you just reserve a tag for that planet. Well, anyway I’ll keep feeding everything to the clam planet. No high-traffic problems by now :-)


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