Building Ardour2 in Ubuntu Feisty

December 12, 2006

Disclaimer: Ubuntu Feisty is still in its first weeks, so might be a very unstable distribution. But in my case is working decently well so far (I’m using Feisty because it comes with a kernel more mac-intel friendly). Anyway, de howto will probably work in Ubuntu Edgy.

Ardour is a wonderful digital audio workstation developed mainly by Paul Davis. The new version Ardour2, which still in beta stage, looks and feels really pro. It’s probably my favorite Linux app.

Now, how can you build the bleeding edge (subversion) version of ardour2 in Ubuntu? (tested in Feisty)

Important: Please refer to the official ardour download and build page for more detailed and updated information. This is just a quick receipt for Feisty.

1. Get the code from subversion
svn co ardour2.0-ongoing
cd ardour2.0-ongoing

(Updated 2007/05/15 changed trunk for branches/2.0-ongoing . After release 2.0, trunk needs a newer jack version not available in Feisty, and it will be under big changes for a while, so it’s not the recommended version for the normal user)

2. Install needed tools and build dependencies:
sudo apt-get install -y scons build-essential libtool pkg-config gettext libjack-dev libxml2-dev libsamplerate-dev libraptor-dev liblrdf-dev libgnomecanvas2-dev libboost-dev liblo-dev libglib-dev libgtkmm-dev libsndfile-dev libasound2-dev automake

(Updated 2007/05/01 added libasound2-dev and build-essential)

3. compile and install
sudo scons install

Tip: use scons -j3 if your computer is a dual core.

4. start jack with qjackctl and run ardour2

And ready to use ardour2 in all its glory:

ardour2 (with a compiz 3d desktop)

In this screenshot you can see that I’m using a 3d desktop (windows shadows). Amb using compiz-freedesktop-gnome which already comes in the Feisty universe.


11 Responses to “Building Ardour2 in Ubuntu Feisty”

  1. Taybin Says:

    Nice screenshot.

  2. ernierasta Says:

    It depends also on g++ (you must have g++ installed, not only g++-4.1 f.e.), and lib32asound2. Thanks for howto! Greetings from Czech Republic.

  3. luddite Says:

    Wow – this is brilliant – worked a treat and is recording sweetly


  4. alistair Says:

    Cool thanks, works like a treat – amazing piece of software

  5. Alex Polite Says:

    Seems like the requirements in the source tree has already changed so that a “svn co” will render a tree that does not build under Feisty Fawn.

    Now you have to build from the tarball:

  6. parumi Says:

    Alex, I’ve updated the blog as you indicated (using the 2.0-ongoing branch instead of tarball).

    On the other hand I’ve checked that a clean trunk checkout compiles with exactly the same dependent libraries except jack. I was successful with the jack svn version:
    svn co

    However, having two jack versions installed might be a pain…

  7. Cedric Says:

    Thanks a lot. It works really fine!!

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